So, why should your business hire a professional FAA 107 Certified sUAS (Drone) Operator to do your commercial video and photo shoots?

As a business, you may think that since you or your friend has bought a drone that you can legally perform commercial operations and capture footage for your business.

According to the FAA, this is illegal. 


FAA 14 CFR 1.1 defines operator as: If you are not licensed you become a person "acting as an operator." Additionally, the person hiring the unlicensed operator becomes the "person causing the operation." 

As a result the person "acting as an operator" is subject to up to $1,100.00 in fines. The person "causing the operation" is subject to up to $11,000.00 in fines and are subject to records requirements. This means the FAA can subpoena all of your business financial records to see if you ever hired an unlicensed operator in the past.

Protect your business, hire legal pilots. Call Drone Dogs for all your sUAS (Drone) aerial needs.

Drone Dogs is born in the Florida Keys

It just got real in the Florida Keys. Drone Dogs Media is a new team of FAA 107 Certified sUAS (Drone) Pilots. Drone Dogs specializes in aerial photography and aerial videography. We fly legally and are trained by the industry's best Drone pilots. Our mission is to provide those awesome footage shots that will make our customers happy and want more. We can also do interior shots with our hand-held cameras and smaller drones running the latest high resolution cameras.

We are trained in:

  • aerial photography
  • aerial videography
  • inspections
  • tracking
  • mapping
  • security
  • subject tracking

We understand the restrictions with flying commercially in the Florida Keys air space. Contact Drone Dogs for a consultation and lets make something great together.

The Drone Dogs Media Team are FAA 107 Certified pilots that hold TOP SECRET/SCI with FSP Clearances.