DroneU FlyIn 2017 Winner is Jim Noss

2017 DroneU Flyin
Jim Noss Wins the Overall Competition

2017 DroneU FlyIn Champion - Jim Noss

2017 DroneU FlyIn Champion - Jim Noss

A Story about finding your passion

2017 DroneU Flyin After party.

2017 DroneU Flyin After party.

The 2017 DroneU Flyin is officially over and Jim Noss has won the overall competition. 


Jim Noss

Celebrates his 2017 DroneU Flyin Overall Championship Win.

"Did you read the correct name?" asked Jim Noss when his name was announced as the overall winner of the 2017 DroneU FlyIn by Paul Aitken of DroneU. Jim knew he did very well on the Obstacle course, posting a record 36 second run with his DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. Jim also knew he was the only pilot, out of 75 competing, to drop four rescue hoops into the designated target area and was challenged by the judge to put a ring over one of the flags for style points. He got close and leaned it up against the flag. So, all-in-all, Jim was having a very good day as a "newbie" drone pilot. He was nervous as hell, he wasn't worried about crashing, just completing was his main focus. "Starting out on the Obstacle course was the best way to open up the day.", said Jim. Buzzing the field at full throttle and making that Phantom scream was pure joy. "Sometimes you just have to do it and commit." Even though Jim's name was not announced as winning the other stations, he felt like he still had learned a lot and felt part of something bigger. So when Paul announced his name, you could imagine his surprise. 


Living the Drone Life

Find your passion and quit your soulless job.

Jim said that every judge at each station was very helpful and gave very constructive criticism. They sincerely wanted you to succeed. As did his fellow "Team Yellow" pilots. They all cheered and encouraged everyone. Great comradery. The Subject Tracking challenge was the most difficult but one that Jim really enjoyed. Peter, the DroneU judge expert, at the station was very helpful and explained why things are done the way they are and the best way to capture certain shots to make you stand above the others in your videography. Peter graciously let Jim and his team go for as long as they wanted. Jim said his goal was to not crash his drone into the ATV which was being used as the subject vehicle.

The entire 2017 DroneU Flyin was a truly wonderful experience, the entire team and fellow pilots were all top notch people with character and passion.

Living the Drone Life in Key West, Florida with family and friends.

Living the Drone Life in Key West, Florida with family and friends.

Rewind 3 months, Jim was working as a defense contractor in Key West for a cult-like company called J@^!@&. In his opinion, this company put him in a soul-sucking job located on a Government facility where people just had no souls and were just waiting to do their time and retire in 20 years. The people there are people that you did not want to get to know outside of work. They were people that did not help you to make a better version of yourself. Let alone his crazy psychotic section manager and her fat bully of a manager. She and her company are simple cowards with no character or ethics. They all had no passion, no character, and gave zero fucks. It was truly the worse company and site that Jim had ever worked in his thirty years as an Engineer. Needless to say, Jim let the cowards cut him. "They did me a huge favor", said Jim. "I needed to save my soul and get away from that horrible toxic environment and the cowardly company that did not care about the mission."

Jim decided that he wanted to learn more about the drone industry. Jim took his FAA Part 107 test and passed with a 97%. The testing facility said they saw such a high score. Jim said, "when you have a passion for something, you tend to do very well at it." Jim decided it was time to reinvent himself, he landed a remote job where he could work from home and set his own schedule. He kept studying everything about drones. Most importantly, he discovered DroneU. What an excellent resource. The best out there. Jim had taken a very expensive set of course through DartDrones and left there feeling empty and like he had just wasted, a lot of money. Drone U had better focus, better resources and the best pod casts and subject matter expertise around. 

Not wanting to spend alot of money, Jim bought a small $50 drone from Amazon.

Syma X5Chttp://amzn.to/2rXIBO7

He also read: "Living the Drone Life." http://amzn.to/2qYJUsR

With his little Drone, Jim quickly learned how to fly the shit out of that awesome little drone. Two months later, he goes big and buys the Phantom 4 Pro. This is now time for him to start learning how to use the camera for photography and videography. Jim is pretty smart and learns Final Cut Pro X on his new MacBook Pro. Jim practices and practice on his little Syma drone and with his Phantom drone.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Quadcopter Drone Kit.  http://amzn.to/2u20zRB

Quick tangent, Jim bought the MacBook Pro for himself since the cult company he had worked for, J@^!@&, refused to buy him one to support him in doing his job. Jim donated a lot of free hours excelling at his task despite the horrible working conditions and abuse from his company. They were so horrible it was a social experiment to see if they would buy him one. So sad, such an awful group of humans that work and run that company.

One night, Jim is working on a new company website and going through a few job proposals to do software techie work when he receives an email from DroneU about the FlyIn. "I bet I was the first one to signup. I hit the register button immediately," said Jim. Jim was at the point where he realized he was wasting his life working for other fucktards like his last company. From now on he would pursue every new opportunity with a smile and a big Yes. In a period of a few months, Jim lost his family dog and his wife's uncle surprisingly passed away. So dealing with grieving daughters and a wife were a real challenge. But part of life. In his opinion, Jim still thinks his former company killed his dog since they could tolerate he was not submissive to the cult. :)

"The team and pilots at the DroneU flyIn are people I want to associate with. They are great and the polar opposite of the scum I worked with at my last software job. I want to surround myself with the best and brightest. The Drone U team provided just that." Jim is following his passion and looking to grow his drone related business. Will it work? is it viable? only time will tell with this fast moving industry.

So, there you have it. A 52-year-old software engineer gets the boot from a soul-sucking cult of a company, buys a $50 Syma drone, flys it for three months, buys a Phantom and flies it for two weeks then goes off to New Mexico to win the first ever 2017 DroneU Flyin. All by saying, "Yes" to opportunity.

Now Jim works on building his new (third) business, Drone Dogs, in order to make his life have meaning and fun while quickly forgetting his past as a minion for people that just do not get it.

Jim suggests you watch the following movies and read the following books.

The Yes Man
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Office Space
Living the Drone Life (Book)
Millionaire in Flip Flops (Book)

Never stop at making a better version of yourself.

Jim Noss

Drone Dogs Media, 233 Golf Club Drive, Key West, FL, 33040

Originally from the heartland of Pennsylvania, Jim is a seasoned Principal Software Engineer by trade having worked in the Baltimore/DC area. With over thirty years working in the intelligence community and creating awesome systems to help our Warfighters. Jim started two small businesses while maintaining his software career. Now at the thirty-year mark of his career, he just grew tired of the bullshit and decided to leave the rat race and move to Key West with his family. Still trying to dabble in software development for the government customer in Key West, he quickly realized that he was done working for other narrow-minded people, He needed a change and needed to work for himself enjoying what he did on a day-to-day basis. 

Jim decided to pursue the Drone Life. Studying all there is about drone aerial photography  and piloting a drone. Jim received his FAA Part 107 sUAS Certification and started putting all his business and drone knowledge into practice. There was no going back to a crappy soul-sucking computer desk job. Life is just too damn short for that. 

Having passion, a strong work ethic and the attention to customer service, Jim is focused on building the most successful drone aerial service business in the Florida Keys and beyond. Jim is currently based in Key West and is working on getting waivers to fly, legally,  in the Class D restricted air space of Key West.

If you are interested in what services the Drone Dogs can provide, please contact our team today for a consultation.