Flying Drones in Key West - City Ordinance

Flying Drones in Key West - Follow the City of Key West and FAA rules.

Flying Drones in Key West - Follow the City of Key West and FAA rules.


  • Sec. 26-300. - Purpose and intent.

    It is the purpose of this article to provide the residents and visitors of the City of Key West protection from invasions of privacy, and reckless operation over crowded areas, due to the rapid implementation of drone technology being put into use by individuals and business entities. The unregulated use of drones also poses a significant public safety concern to individuals and property on the ground and other nearby aircraft in the event of malfunction, operator negligence, loss of control, or other inability to sustain flight as intended. Nothing in this ordinance is intended to prevent, prohibit, or regulate any type of drone or remote controlled model aircraft that are otherwise permitted by the FAA for recreational use, or any operator who lawfully possesses a Certificate of Authorization or Letter of Exemption issued by the FAA.

    (Ord. No. 16-02, § 1, 2-17-2016)

  • Sec. 26-301. - Definitions.

    The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this article, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

    Drone means any powered, aerial vehicle, that is either fixed wing or rotor-operated, that does not carry a human being, which uses aerodynamic forces to provide the vehicle with lift, that can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, and that can be expendable or recoverable.

    (Ord. No. 16-02, § 1, 2-17-2016)

  • Sec. 26-302. - Prohibitions.

    No person may operate a drone, whether or not it has the capability of capturing or transmitting audio, video, or still images within or over the City of Key West, unless the drone operator possesses either a certificate of authorization, a letter of exemption lawfully issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, or unless the operator is using a drone strictly for recreational purposes pursuant to the Federal Aviation Administration Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft cited as 14 CFR Part 91 and attached as Exhibit A.

    (Ord. No. 16-02, § 1, 2-17-2016)

  • Sec. 26-303. - Penalty.

    There shall be one verbal or written warning for any first time offender of this article provided that compliance is immediately achieved. Subsequent violations of this article shall be punished consistent with section 1-15 of the Code of Ordinances for the City of Key West.

    (Ord. No. 16-02, § 1, 2-17-2016)

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Originally from the heartland of Pennsylvania, Jim is a seasoned Principal Software Engineer by trade having worked in the Baltimore/DC area. With over thirty years working in the intelligence community and creating awesome systems to help our Warfighters. Jim started two small businesses while maintaining his software career. Now at the thirty-year mark of his career, he just grew tired of the bullshit and decided to leave the rat race and move to Key West with his family. Still trying to dabble in software development for the government customer in Key West, he quickly realized that he was done working for other narrow-minded people, He needed a change and needed to work for himself enjoying what he did on a day-to-day basis. 

Jim decided to pursue the Drone Life. Studying all there is about drone aerial photography  and piloting a drone. Jim received his FAA Part 107 sUAS Certification and started putting all his business and drone knowledge into practice. There was no going back to a crappy soul-sucking computer desk job. Life is just too damn short for that. 

Having passion, a strong work ethic and the attention to customer service, Jim is focused on building the most successful drone aerial service business in the Florida Keys and beyond. Jim is currently based in Key West and is working on getting waivers to fly, legally,  in the Class D restricted air space of Key West.

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