I Passed the FAA Part 107 UAS Test


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My Study tips for the FAA Part 107 test

FAA Part 107 UAG Study Tips

This video is a random brief of the fact I just Passed FAA 107 Unmanned Aircraft Drone Test. I can now be the premier certified Drone Pilot of the Florida Keys. :)

I Passed the FAA Part 107 Test. 97%

I procrastinated taking this test. The goal is to first read the FAA 107 Study Guide and take their sample test of 40 questions to get an idea of what you are in for. Then book your test through a test center. This will set a hard date for when you have to be prepared. Otherwise you will be like me and take a month.


I missed two on the test. I honestly thought it was tough mainly with the chart questions. I started second guessing myself and ended up marking several questions to be reviewed later. I took one and a half hours to take so I could review my answers and not just do 60 and done and hit FINISH.



Give yourself at least two weeks.






Schedule your test date. Why? This will motivate you to study. Otherwise you will be like me and drag this on for a month.


You need to understand the topics and how to apply them for the questions.


I did signup for the monthly DroneU subscription to get access to all their study info and sample tests, as well as, their Business related materials.


I am not sponsored nor affiliated with DroneU nor any other online Drone training center. But if they would want to contact me, I would be interested.




RESOURCES - Materials that I used to study

1. Read the FAA UAS Study Guide to get an understanding of all the areas you are to be familiar with.


Start Here: (Click on and read every document linked and referenced)





2. Take the FAA UAS 40 question sample tests to see where you need to focus. Hint: Reading Sectional charts.




3. I am a visual learner and can only read so much before it stops sinking in. So I watched alot of Youtube videos and Webinars.


Tony Northrup did the best video. Great place to start



Airspace videos.

The older Airspace videos are great sources of learning.






UAS Training Videos. Watch all of them



4. Followed a few study guides that explained the answers to the FAA sample questions.









5. Practiced, practiced and practiced taking the online 107 sample tests.



DroneU sample tests. Need to be a member.


6. Bought the $4.99 App from Prepware "Remote Pilot." This is Gold and gives you immediate answers when taking their practice and sample tests. Gives answer with FAA regulation backing up the reason. 





7. Flashcards. I love Flashcards. These helped me a lot








On the day of the test, 

a. Be sure you got enough sleep the night before.

b. Eat a good breakfast. Do not over caffeinated like I did.

c. Take a magnifying glass since the charts in the book were harder to read than when viewing them on as computer with zoom capabilities.

d. Take a simple 4 function calculator.

e. Take the Prepware sample test prior to taking the real test.

f. Read your cram notes.

g. Rest and walk around and go to the bathroom 15 or so minutes before the test. Just to relax.

h. Read and reread every question. Take your time.

I. You need a 70% to pass. But you should understand the material to get at least this grade.


9. I am glad it is over. I have learned alot.

Jim Noss

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Originally from the heartland of Pennsylvania, Jim is a seasoned Principal Software Engineer by trade having worked in the Baltimore/DC area. With over thirty years working in the intelligence community and creating awesome systems to help our Warfighters. Jim started two small businesses while maintaining his software career. Now at the thirty-year mark of his career, he just grew tired of the bullshit and decided to leave the rat race and move to Key West with his family. Still trying to dabble in software development for the government customer in Key West, he quickly realized that he was done working for other narrow-minded people, He needed a change and needed to work for himself enjoying what he did on a day-to-day basis. 

Jim decided to pursue the Drone Life. Studying all there is about drone aerial photography  and piloting a drone. Jim received his FAA Part 107 sUAS Certification and started putting all his business and drone knowledge into practice. There was no going back to a crappy soul-sucking computer desk job. Life is just too damn short for that. 

Having passion, a strong work ethic and the attention to customer service, Jim is focused on building the most successful drone aerial service business in the Florida Keys and beyond. Jim is currently based in Key West and is working on getting waivers to fly, legally,  in the Class D restricted air space of Key West.

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