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Drone Education and Training

Drone Piloting. FAA 107 training. Drone Business Consultation. Latest FAA sUAS laws. Best practices as a drone pilot.

We can discuss capabilities and benefits of drones related to LEO and SAR so that Drone Dogs can become an on-call resource in the event of an emergency. Usage of a drone can be used to increase the safety of officers in the field. Usage of Drones provide an increased safety to firefighters. For example, SAR for people lost in the water. The drone would be an eye in the sky and could cover more area than boots on the ground.

We are always honing our piloting and videography skills and want to share our knowledge. Great pilots make great cinematic shots capturing those unique perspectives.


Luxury Real Estate Videography/Photography

Aerial photography provides a way for Realtors to stand out amongst other listings and to stay unique, stand out and grab potential buyers quickly and engage with people. Aerial photography provides more perceived value when looking at the property. This will sell more houses.

Aerials showcase the house and the surrounding neighborhood. Perceived value is an emotional trigger to your potential buyers. Videos offer an added dimension and unique perspective when selling a property. A great video and soundtrack will give the experience of living in the home without having to visit. So, why wouldn't you want to use drone aerial footage?

If you like virtual tours, we can provide a 360 degree virtual tour so your buyers can experience the house without going there. We can offer the use a 360 camera virtual tour that is live video. So when someone looked at their phone during the the live video tour, they could move the video in any direction to look at the house as the video moved through the house. It is as if you are actually walking through the house in real time. Bam, you just set yourself above the other realtors and will sell more listings.

We understand the regulations when it comes to creating videos both branded and unbranded for MLS listings. We follow a well-defined process of receiving approvals and appeasing the neighbors while aerial work is being performed. We provide high-quality 4k cinematic videography and photography. Interior and exterior.  We tell a story with your listings and keep the viewer engaged turning them into a buyer.


Commercial Real Estate

Why snap a photograph when you can take an aerial video and photographs to showcase your property. Give a future client a perspective of the surrounding area to show how it will benefit their business.



Construction Aerial Photography is on the rise. Construction Progression, fly over, inspection photographs. Aerial photography is useful for inspections, marketing and project management. Aerial photos will track the progression of your project. Very useful for monitoring activity, time lapse, safety and progress. Aerial inspections can drastically reduce the high costs, safety risks, and time involved with conventional inspection methods. Aerial videos and photos provide a perspective like no other.



We create high-resolution aerial maps using the latest mapping software and drones with 20MP cameras.


Business Promotion

Videos are the best way to promote your business and capture customer engagement. Aerial videos give that unique perspective to showcase your business. Adding in steady cam walk-thru videos give the customer a unique opportunity to see what your business has to offer. Making this the best ROI for your marketing dollars. We can also help you promote your business on Social Media.


Water Sports. Events

Capture your vacation while you paddle board, kayak, kite surf. Awesome tracking shots and overheads.


Luxury Boats and Marina Slips

Our videos of your boat or slip will help you sell faster. 


Resort / Hotel / Tourism / Golf Course Promotion

Providing cinematic aerials and interior shots of your hotel will keep your business booked and very popular. We love filming Golf Courses. This is best way to show off your Golf Course -- hole-by-hole. Videos are shared more on social media than any other medium. We can also help you promote your business on Social Media.

Social Media Marketing

We are experienced with the best practices for Social Media Marketing. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Vimeo. We can setup and maintain your social media campaign on a monthly basis while you focus on running your core business. We have experienced Software Engineers in house that understand AdWords and what Google is looking for when it comes to SEO Optimization. The secret is, Google will help you.

The Drone Dogs Mission


Providing Value to your Business via Drone Aerial Videography / Aerial Photography. Aerial Photography and Aerial videography is our specialty, focusing on real estate photography, construction and video production, as well as a wide variety of other subjects.

Video Sells! You have fifteen seconds to capture your customer's attention. Aerial video gives a new dimension and perspective to keep the viewer captivated. Aerials show the neighboring area of your project that will show value from a birds-eye perspective.

Drone Dogs Media is a Florida Keys, FAA approved, drone service provider. Drone Dogs delivers a wide variety of cinematic and photography services that will capture the audience's attention and keep them watching. We specialize in the utilization of drones for advanced aerial videography and aerial photography. We also specialize in interior video shots utilizing cinematic motions to keep the viewer engaged. We have learned from the best pilots and videographers at DroneU with film industry and luxury real estate experience. Business is about building relationships. We always strive to do great things and create that perfect footage that will inspire and make your business succeed.

We are FAA Part-107 certified and trained drone pilots. We film in 4k high-definition aerial photography and videography. We also provide interior videography and photography to tell your complete story. We are located in Key West and travel throughout the area to provide you with exceptional aerial footage. Drone Dogs is a leading aerial content provider in the Florida Keys.

We have the latest state-of-the-art drones and 4k cameras and provide raw footage, editing, post-processing, copyright-free music, SEO optimization and marketing of your videos and photographs via social media or your business web site. 

Safety is a Priority: Log Books and Risk Management Systems utilized daily.

2017 Drone-U Fly-In Overall Champion
FAA 107 Certified Drone Pilots of the Florida Keys